Hello Beachcombers,

We totally feel that we are strapped into a rocket and it’s been set to full power. In the last week, Beach Craft Spirits have travelled over 2000 miles to show our support to The Rum Festival which is currently touring around the UK – and to get our name out there.

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She took some of the stock from the Beach Hut and with her trademark smile and personality, charmed the folk of Nottingham, regaling them with the Beach Craft Spirits history and our future plans.

A whirlwind

Are you out of money? I can cheer you up. Go to the site caças niqueis gratis halloween, play and enjoy your winning! No sooner had she finished unpacking the car and we were preparing for the next Rum Festival in Birmingham. This time, we both went so the public could meet the full Beach Craft Spirits’ team.

Talk about cutting it fine. We left BCSHQ at 9am and with a couple of comfort breaks arrived in Birmingham at 5:30pm. We had 30 minutes to unpack and set up before the doors opened at 6pm.

I was astounded with the knowledge and the passion people were showing to us and all the other exhibitors.

There were white rums, spiced rums and aged rums from all over the UK and beyond.

Me (Dave) with Peter Holland (right) from The Floating Rum Shack

Peter Holland from The Floating Rum Shack starred at ‘Speakers’ Corner’ to impart his knowledge on rum to the crowd.

We also took a stint on the podium alongside Manchester Still, Morent Bay, and Simon, The Rum Shop Boy.

We are delighted we took this opportunity as we interacted with customers expertly, showing the passion that we have for our brand and our products. We truly are thankful to everyone who supported Beach Craft Spirits over these events, but to name a few would be Lucy Douglas, Simon Oakes from The Rum Festival, Kirk Pickstone from Duggystone, Shirley from In Stitches, Adam from MGK Designs, Rick from Trident Engraving and Claire and Marc from Chit Chat PR & Digital.


On sadder news, our beloved “Pedro” is off the road. Unfortunately, being a 19 year old van, he has succumbed to a little bit of rust. It means we will have to leave him behind for the next tour dates for The Run Festival.

However, waste not want not and he has a new role at the distillery and has become a comfy additional office to our distillery complex until he is nursed back to full health. He will not be gone forever, and he will be back on the roads one day.

Much Love to all